BDI Testimonials

“Since 1215 at Runnymede the English people have been asserting their sovereign rights. I am glad to see the same spirit is still alive and well in the British people almost 800 years later.”
– Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, Prime Minister 1979 – 1990

“My sincere congratulations to you on what I can only describe as an outstanding achievement in such a short period of time and on such a small budget. I am thinking of putting you up for Chancellor of the Exchequer!”
– Patrick Barbour, The Barbour Index

“Thank you for making me sign the BDI!”
 – Lord Vinson

“I found your presentation of the BDI inspiring.”
– John Gibson, BWMA

“After going to one of your meetings we found it most uplifting.”
– Mr and Mrs Thomas Clout

“We found the apathy amongst the electorate extremely high yet many showed great interest in the Declaration literature – the public really do want change. However this was an absolutely brilliant effort on the part of the instigators and all helpers – we are sure this movement will go from strength to strength.”
– Party activist canvassing during general election.

“Thank you for this e-mail…….. I am forced to say that it’s the first piece of fundamental common sense I’ve read in years!”
– Mike Hall

“I feel certain that the BDI has suggested to the vast majority attending our meeting a different way of considering how to select their vote. The BDI has clearly stimulated interest.”
 – Jean Jackson, Louth

“Fortunately my PPC is a committed Eurosceptic – before resolving to do any work for him I had to assure myself of his position on Europe. However it is with considerable regret that I find myself being asked to sign in absentia a noncommittal reply drafted by Francis Maude and send this to you on behalf of this candidate….I believe a valuable opportunity is being squandered for no good reason”
– Conservative Party Campaign worker, April 2001

“In the beginning of a charge, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”
– Mark Twain quoted by Mr. Nick Scott

“Thank God, somebody is at last waking up to do something to protect our basic interests.”

“For the coming election this should be the BIG ISSUE. I would willingly fight the war all over again if it would keep us free (aged 91)”

“God Bless your efforts to restore rectitude, integrity and dare I say it, statesmanship in our national assemblies.”

“Hurray for the British Declaration! What a brilliant idea.”

“Congratulations on your literature and Declaration….”

“I am delighted to hear of this declaration…”

“Brilliant idea. 100% support from Democracy Movement here.”

“I have just received the Declaration. Brilliant! I prayed for a better brain to think of something like that. Thank you so much for your efforts to save our country.”

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