The British Declaration of Independence: The only way to recover British democracy

AdamSmith Institute: Rational economic analysis

Alliance or Democracy: American site defending democracy

British Housewives’ League: Excellent site founded on great principles

British Weights & Measures Association: Defending our traditional measures

Campaign for UK Conservatism: For ‘Conservatism’ rather than Party

Campaign for an Independent Malta: Fighting to keep Malta out of the EU

Democracy Movement – Surrey branch: Powerful local group

Documents for Research: Provides links for researchers to individual files for ‘How Heath joined the EU’

Federation of Small Business: Excellent site, excellent organisation

Friends of Gibraltar: Respecting the democratic wishes of the population

How Heath joined the EU: Describes how the Heath Government conspired to get Britain into the EU from 1970-72. With authentication

Institute of Economic Affairs: Lateral thinking think tank

Libertarian Alliance: Thoughts on everything

Liberty on the Internet: The Macinac Centre for Public Policy

Links for Libertarians: Links to Libertarian sites

Monarchist League of Canada: Loyal Canadian site

New Alliance: Detailed argument for remaining sovereign

No EU Organisation: Patriotic site which argues for independence

P.J.O’Rourke: No punches pulled

Social Affairs Unit: Battering ram of reason

The Individualist: Good site worth monitoring

These Tides: International journal favouring free nations

UKI: This site supports the continuance of the UK as an entity

Winston Churchill: Example for all time, Country before Party

World Reports: Christopher Story’s brilliant and incisive insights

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