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Fascist elements in post war Europe and the development of the European Union By Rodney Atkinson With contributions from William Dorich and Edward Spalton

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Free Nations, like free people, are the condition for democracy, free trade and international peace.  No system based on freedom under the law and majority votes in elections can exist without a common language, history, religion which form the basis of law and a predominant culture to which immigrants must gradually assimilate. Such are the achievements of the Nation States. Supranational States achieve the opposite – war, internal conflict, economic failure, financial collapse and social decay as the USSR, Nazi Europe and the EU today so clearly demonstrate. Minorities must be prepared to accept the decision of the majorities formed in elections and all individuals must interact with their neighbours on the basis of shared values and acceptance of contracts, promises and methods of doing business. Without those common bonds minorities feel permanently under attack politically and alienated from any emancipating economic process. The great wars of the 20th century were fought to free the nation states from the hegemony of imperial powers, from fascism and from communism. The years of general peace after 1945 coincided with the rapid growth in the number of nation states and the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 affirmed the rights of all peoples to self determination. But gradually over the last 50 years the power of supranational government (the European Union being the most aggressive) and multinational corporations frustrated and overturned the will of the voters and the power of the consumer. They formed that combination of corporate and State power that has always destroyed democracy and nationhood and has always been associated with the rise of fascism and German imperialism in Europe. From the the Single European Act of 1986 and the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 conflict and wars, ethnic cleansing, the break up of nations and inter-nation tensions have risen in Europe. The results of the wars which freed the nations have been reversed with the political map of Europe now looking remarkably like 1914 and the height of Nazi hegemony in 1941. The European Union has now extended further East than even Hitler was able to venture as recent agreements between the EU and Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova testify. Those agreements – like the early trade agreements of the European Common Market – have already required constitutional surrender by those nations and now there is built by German Europe from the West something akin to the Russian Europe which Stalin built from the East. The Freenations website has for nearly 20 years (and the founder, Rodney Atkinson’s, work for some 35 years) exposed the powers behind this dangerous return to the past. The most recent analysis is in the youtube videos Rodney Atkinson UK Column and The Nazis and Fascists who founded the European Union and their influence today and Atkinson’s latest book And into the Fire – fascist elements in post war Europe and the development of the European Union. Freenations does not just analyze the past (see for instance also the historic constitutional Treason Charges on this site laid by Rodney Atkinson and the late Norris McWhirter in 1993 – see the video) and describe the evils of the present but provides through the British Declaration of Independence (and its associated Conditions for Fair Referenda) the template for the re-establishment of the democratic sovereignty of the peoples of all nation states. Corporatism and Fascism are cross party. They combine the left the right and in particular the unthinking centre (it was the British Liberal Party leader and former Prime Minister Lloyd George who described Hitler as the “greatest living German – it is a pity there are not more like him in Britain”). The corporatist fascist Edward Heath would not have destroyed the British constitution in 1972 without the urging of the Democrat John F Kennedy and the votes of the Liberal and Labour Parties. Today’s Labour and Liberal Parties have welcomed blatantly fascist groups into their “Europe” from Ukraine and the Balkans. Therefore the solution is cross party. Referenda make no difference since in the end only Parliament can vote to effect the return of democratic sovereignty to nation states. So the solution is in the kind of people who represent us in Parliament. And that is what the BDI does – select the non fascists in all parties before they are elected. Other peoples and nations should imitate it. Many years ago this website coined the term Nationism to describe the (non nationalistic) concept of the democratic sovereignty of nations trading and co-operating peacefully with other nations. Self governing and democratic at home and free trading and cooperating abroad, there is nothing aggressive about the nation state. Here we summarize the difference between Nationism and Nationalism:


democratic people equality of nations cultural homogeneity to ensure democracy free movement of goods and capital diffused political and economic power stable money for people to save


political State power over other nations multicultural imperial supranational power controlled trade to ensure political control central political and corporate control inflation for the State to reduce its debt

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By Rodney Atkinson

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Rodney Atkinson describes the escape of Europe from the frying pan of fascism and German imperialism in 1945 only to land in the fire of the German dominated European Union founded and initially run by Nazis and Fascists which today is devastated by economic collapse, mass unemployment, welfare collapse, child malnutrition and depopulation.





The book publishes the alternative to the disaster of the European Union – The Charter of the Free Nations of Europe, supported by academics from all over Europe.

In his new book published today by GMBooks the author, British political economist and former occasional adviser to Ministers Rodney Atkinson, details the ominous parallels between the Europe of German Nazism and European Fascism (which the Anglo Saxon world believed they had vanquished in 1945) and the design, foundation personnel and structures of the European Union today. He describes the covert and anti democratic methods chosen to destroy the constitutions of democratic nation states and the (entirely predicted) catastrophe of the Euro which daily brings social and economic destruction and economic refugees on a par with wartime.

Atkinson lists the many individuals and institutions with fascist backgrounds and histories of appeasement of European Fascism prominent in the establishment of the European Union on the ashes of democratic nation states inter alia:

  • The German magazine Der Spiegel a supporter of the European Union had for many years Nazis in prominent managerial and journalistic roles.
  • The BBC, financed by and promoting the EU today, pursued a policy of appeasement of Fascism in the 1930s, keeping Churchill off the air while the BBC’s Head in the 1930s and 1940s was an admirer of Hitler.
  • The first president of the European Commission Walter Hallstein was a leading Nazi academic and had been trained as a “Nazi Leadership Officer”.
  • Adenauer’s Chief of Staff in the 1950s, Hans Josef Globke, who made his senior appointments, had drafted the Nuremberg Race laws and the emergency legislation which gave Hitler absolute power in the 1930s.
  • The Hitler appointed Secretary of his “Europe Committee“, was chosen by Adenauer in 1949 for a similar job as Director of the “European Division” of the West German Foreign Office leading the negotiations for founding the European Economic Community in 1958.
  • Several Nazi institutions like the Toepfer Foundationthe Federation of European Ethnic Groups and the Charlemagne Prize carry on even today.

Atkinson quotes many late 20th century founders and promoters of the European Union to prove that their words would have equally reflected the ideology of the Fascist Europe of the 1940s:

“Might is right in politics and war”, “Those who take a position against Maastricht will no longer have the right to engage in politics” “The Jews should consider whether they would have behaved heroically if they had not been victims of the persecution”. “Germans are tired of philosemitic over-compensation in the media”. “Genocide is a natural phenomenon, even commanded by the Almighty”.

He describes how the rise of State and corporatist power over enterprise capitalism and democracy and the appeasement of multinational companies and political institutions by national Governments removed democratic power from the people and prepared the way for a new corporatist fascist European Union.

The Euro was a political idea forged by many who expected economic collapse as a direct route to more power for the European Union over nation states – a surrender which voters would never have contemplated without such a collapse.

Throughout the creation of the corporatist fascist European Union, says Atkinson, the voters were ignored, manipulated or deceived into the surrender of their precious democratic rights and their countries were bled of their sovereignty and – through the Euro – their economic existence. The European Union’s share of world trade has fallen dramatically, welfare systems have collapsed, suicides have risen and a whole generation of young people (unemployment rates of between 30% and 55%) has been betrayed by an unaccountable European elite.

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No area of Europe better proves the return to the violence and fascism of the past than what the new Europe has done in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia and Atkinson devotes several chapters to proving the resurgence of Nazi and Fascist ideas and institutions in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo.

The vast majority of the EU’s population, says Atkinson, entirely reject the “European project” but, because it was established on anti-democratic principles it is almost impossible to overturn by normal democratic means. The Euro-elite are able to continue their destruction of parliaments, constitutions, economies, welfare, education, health services (“more Europe”) – until there remains to the peoples of Europe only increasingly violent confrontations.

The book proposes the alternative to the democratic and economic disaster of the European Union – The Charter of the Free Nations of Europe, supported by academics from all over Europe.

Chapters include: The Nazis and Fascists who founded the European Union; The Vatican and the European State; European Regionalism and Historic Nazism; Yugoslavia – Fascist propaganda in America Today; Nazism alive and well in Ireland; In their own words – Fascism and European Leaders Today; Decline and Fall and Imperial Ambition – Europe of the Euro;


Rodney Atkinson is one of Britain’s leading political economists, an expert on the constitutional effects of British membership of the European Union and a former occasional adviser to ministers. He has a track record of successful prediction of economic and political crisis, having predicted in advance inter alia the collapse of oil prices in 1983, the fall in British house prices in 1989, the end of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1990, and the precise consequences of the Euro in 2000. He has been a successful linguist and linguistic theorist, was formerly a lecturer at the University of Mainz, Germany and a merchant banker in the City of London. He is the Founder of the Freenations website (visited by individuals and government institutions from over 100 countries) an occasional adviser to MPs and the proprietor of his own commercial property company.

He is the author of over 100 articles and policy papers, three internationally praised books on political economy: Government against the People (1986), The Emancipated Society (1988), The Failure of the State (1989) and three on the European Union, Treason at Maastricht (with Norris McWhirter CBE, fourth edition 1998) Europe’s Full Circle (third edition 1998 also published in Yugoslavia and Poland) and Fascist Europe Rising (2001 also published in Yugoslavia). For the extensive all party and international praise of these books (also available on Kindle) and other work see our Shop.

Atkinson was Referendum Party candidate in North West Durham in the 1997 General Election (5.2% of the vote) and the lead UK Independence Party candidate for the North East Region in the 1999 European Elections (8.83% of the vote). He has been a contributor to radio and television programmes on both sides of the Atlantic and has addressed public and academic meetings throughout central and Eastern Europe. . He launched the cross party British Declaration of Independence in 1999.

The Author can be contacted on 00 44 1661 844788 and emailed at [email protected]

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