The British Declaration of Independence

(formerly the South Molton Declaration)

The Democratic Declaration of a prospective MP to the electorate.
This BDI Commitment cannot be downloaded and used for signatures.
That process will be organized by the BDI to whom all aspiring parliamentary candidates can appeal. 

I, ____________________ hereby irrevocably declare to my electorate that following my election to Parliament and after the BDI Executive Committee has confirmed that a majority of MPs is available to pass the legislation, I shall lay before Parliament and vote for the BDI Bill, or vote in favour of that Bill presented by others and continue to do so until the Bill is passed into law. The BDI Bill, in accordance with the rights of all peoples to self-determination as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 will:
Assert the sole authority of the Westminster Parliament to initiate, pass and repeal all legislation and regulation applied to the people of the United Kingdom and assert the supreme authority of the British judiciary in all law applied to the people of the United Kingdom.
And will recognise:
the sole allegiance of MPs, ministers and British officials to the Parliament and Democratic institutions of the United Kingdom and that all British subjects owe allegiance, duties and obligations only to the United Kingdom.
the exclusive control by the Westminster parliament over who resides within and votes in any elections in the United Kingdom, control over the borders of the United Kingdom and the exclusive right to grant or withhold permission to cross those borders.
the historic rights of British subjects to inter alia Habeas Corpus, Trial by Jury and presumed innocence, preventing their extradition to any jurisdiction which does not afford such rights or which refuses to extradite to the United Kingdom.
the sole control by the Bank of England of all British gold and foreign currency reserves (and their location within the United Kingdom) and Bank of England or British Government control over the Pound Sterling, British national monetary policy and interest rates.
the right of the British Government, as the representative of a Sovereign British people and nation, to sign international treaties and conventions which facilitate free trade and co-operation between nations but which in no way compromise the supreme authority of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

And I pledge that in accordance with my Oath of Allegiance I will vote against any legislation which explicitly or impliedly repeals or controverts the above principles, whenever I become and so long as I remain a Member of Parliament.

I, ____________________ being the Member/Prospective Member of Parliament for ____________________ hereby declare that I make this commitment for this and every future general election at which I may be a candidate. Should I not fulfil the terms of this Agreement when the BDI Bill is presented in Parliament, I will immediately resign so that a by-election may be held and a new mandate obtained for the remainder of the Parliament.

Signed, ____________________ Dated, ____________________

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