The Background

The Constitutional Crisis

Through membership of the European Union, the UN and other supranational organisations successive British Governments have given away your democratic rights and refused to govern for the benefit of the British people. Farmers, fishermen, businessmen, taxpayers and electors find that British ministers have delegated to others the powers which they themselves, because they are elected by us, should use to solve our problems. The British people cannot elect or sack those powers and therefore they no longer have any democratic control. If you can only vote for those who don’t govern then there is no point in voting. The distinctive British identity is being deliberately eliminated – for instance by the replacement of the British passport. The British people no longer control who has right of entry into Britain. British fishing grounds, nurtured for centuries by British fishermen, have been handed over to and decimated by foreign fishermen. The environmental disaster will take decades to reverse. The British Parliament cannot act in our own territorial waters. For the first time British people are ruled by foreign courts and a political judiciary. Justice and the Law have been divorced and so the British people no longer respect the Law. Foreign and defence policy is traded by British politicians, regardless of and often contrary to the British interest. None of these changes to our democratic constitution was made with the authority of the British people. British Freedoms and Democratic Rights, forged over centuries of battle at home and abroad are being improperly withheld. Only the British Declaration of Independence will restore the morality of democratic government and the Sovereignty of the British people. The British Declaration of Independence, by becoming law and asserting the Sovereignty of the British people, solves these problems.

Who Can You Vote For?

In the light of the above the British people no longer trust any political party in Parliament, nor do they trust individual parliamentary candidates of the parties at present in Parliament. Those Candidates who have in the past claimed they believed in the Sovereignty of the British people and the democratic powers of our Parliament before they were elected, betrayed those very rights when they got into Parliament. By committing the candidates of the Parliamentary parties to presenting and voting for the BDI Bill (when a majority of MPs is available to pass it into law) the BDI does not rely on trust. Those who sign the BDI commit to resigning if they go back on their word. Equally if their Party tries to force them when in Parliament to go back on their word to their electorate they will resign. By resigning on the issue of the Sovereignty of those who voted for them the BDI candidates will then seek a fresh mandate from the people (ie the Sovereigns!) and will assuredly get that mandate. Many candidates of the Parliamentary parties who do not believe in the sovereignty of the British people have learned how to use the same words as those candidates who DO believe in (and will assert) that Sovereignty when they get to Parliament. The former will not sign the BDI, the latter will – so you can tell the difference. The British Declaration of Independence solves these problems.

Mutual Assured Destruction of Candidates Who Believe In National Sovereignty

Perhaps the greatest problem at General Elections is that by voting for minority parties not yet in Parliament which DO believe in the Sovereignty of the British people, votes will be taken from genuine democrats in the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative Parties. The latter will form the bulk of MPs in the next Parliament! We could therefore end up with the most anti-democratic, euro-federalist Parliament in history – just as the people are committing in large numbers to the opposite. So you need to know whether a Labour, Lib Dem or Tory candidate really believes in and will assert your Sovereignty when they get to Parliament. The British Declaration of Independence solves that problem

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