Major Achivements

1981 Wrote the highly influential Bow Group paper Making Monetarism Work – Institutional distortions in the Economy.

1982 Only banker to reject participation in the financing of the Maureen Oil field (Phillips Petroleum) because he said the project was too risky given that oil prices were going to fall. (Oil companies were predicting ever rising prices) The financing was the first which had to be renegotiated at some cost to the banks involved.

1983 Wrote Paper (published in 1984 Financial Times Energy Economist) showing why oil prices would collapse. They did.

1985 Wrote the paper “Why import gas?” which led directly to Government cancellation of a gas import contract with Norway, thus saving the UK balance of payments some £10,000 million of imports, releasing many billions of Pounds for British offshore reserves and greatly enhancing the Exchequer’s tax revenue from North Sea Gas.

1985 Wrote the paper “The Energy Policy Mess” which recommended the privatization and break up of British Gas and the Establishment of an Office of ENERGY Regulation. many years later this was done.

1986 Wrote the book Government against the People

1987 Originated the concept of ‘Regional Equity Loss’ in a Bow Group paper A Return to the Regions. (Central Government taxes income and wealth in the poorer regions and re-injects 95% through state bureaucracy and subsidy to non regional equity (including non British) which sets up commercial capacity in competition with indigenous equity holders).

1988 In the book The Emancipated Society originated the concepts of dependent and emancipated societies, as an alternative to socialist versus capitalist societies, the vertical (authoritarian to libertarian) in place of the horizontal (left to right) model of political allegiance and many more original concepts including just process, deviant energy, institutionalized violence, escape routes, behavioral economics, circles of responsibility and many others.

1988 Paper “The Community Charge” advised the responsible Ministers (Portillo and Heseltine) to stop financing central Government-determined redistribute spending by Local Government through local charges (unrelated to income) but finance that protion of LA spending from central funds. This would make the Community Charge logical and affordable. This was subsequently done.

1989 Wrote paper (Bow Group) predicting the collapse of the UK housing market. Proved correct.

1990 Wrote the book The Failure of the State describing the resurgence of state and corporatist power reminiscent of 1930s fascism .

1990 Predicted that UK entry into the European Exchange Rate Mechanism would cause large scale EEC purchases of UK commercial assets. Proved correct especially in German buying of British property, merchant banks and industrial companies.

1990 Predicted (letter to The Times, October) the collapse of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. It collapsed in 1992.

1990 Wrote Your Country Your Democracy showing how the Maastricht Treaty (then in draft form) would remove the UK’s right to self government and predicted that the non-organic federalism of the European Union would lead to conflict, trade wars and inter-nation aggression.

1991 Bow Group paper – Conservatism in Danger – predicted the collapse of the Tory Party. At that time the party membership was 1m. It had declined by 2009 to (an official but questionable!) 250,000.

1993 With Norris McWhirter CBE, laid before the courts the famous (and unanswered) ‘Treason Charges’ against Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude. Revealed for the first time to the British public the details of the constitutional and democratic destruction caused by European Treaties.

1994 Wrote best selling book Treason at Maastricht now in fourth edition.

1994 Founded the Campaign for United Kingdom Conservatism warning that corporatism and the destruction of democratic sovereiegnty by the European Union had destroyed the party.

1994 (March) Letter in The Times showed that the failure to sell British Leyland to a British buyer was due to the enormous car stock financing requirement imposed on the firm by the Government’s annual licence plate changes in one month. Subsequently the law was changed.

1996 Wrote best selling book Europe’s Full Circle – subsequently published in Poland and Yugoslavia. Now in third edition.

1999 Launched with Lynn Riley the South Molton Declaration (a document used at the 2001 General Election) renamed the British Declaration of Independence for the 2005 election and which committed parliamentary candidates to a Bill re-establishing British self governance.

1999 Founded cross party international website “Freenations” attracting visitors from over one hundred countries and contributors from all over Europe.

2000 Wrote in chapter 3 of the book “Fascist Europe Rising” a prediction of the failure of the Euro, predicting in detail: mass unemployment, migration, divergence of economies, capital flight, political conflict, massive divergence of interest rates between member states, the Euros’ threat to the USA, the rise of Scottish and Welsh Nationalism, the political powerlessness of the Left (who promoted the whole fiasco) to fight unemployment and financial dictatorship, the need for massive transfers of funds to impoverished member states and the dawning realization of how a national currency is the essence of national sovereignty.

2002 Published Fascist Europe Rising. Launched at Politicos bookshop. The book analyzed inter alia the reason why the Euro would not work, the return of “German Europe”, the rise of corporatism and fascism within the EU, the break up of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, the use of regionalism as a weapon against democratic nation states and evidence of a return to the 1930s and 1940s in Europe.

2002- 2004 Gave series of public speeches in Prague, Tbilisi, Vienna, Warsaw, Lublin, Belgrade and Sofia to describe the extreme dangers of the European Union for new democracies.

2005 Launched The British Declaration of Independence with Mrs. Lynn Riley.

2008 Gave speech at a public meeting at the House of Commons “The Nazis and Fascists who founded the European Union and their influence today”. Published in 2010 as a cd and as a YouTube video in 2011.

2009 “A British Symphony” commissioned by RA from the composer Andrew Gant Director of Music at the Royal Palaces premiered at the Three Choirs festival in Worcester Cathedral.

2010 Submitted evidence to the Independent Banking Commission under Sir John Vickers “The Separation of Lending Banks from Investment Banks – the the case for Glass Steagall type legislation”.

2010 Appointed Visiting fellow, School of Humanities, University of Buckingham.

2011 Exposed the track record of fraud and bribery in Greece, the USA and in other counties and the payment of massive fines to the US Government and the EU by Siemens, the Government’s preferred contractor for the Thameslink contract. The UK Government refused to review the contract award to Siemens.

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