And Into The Fire_Rodney_atkinson

And Into The Fire

Fascist elements in post war Europe and the development of the European Union

By Rodney Atkinson

With contributions from William Dorich and Edward Spalton


Europe’s Full Circle

Corporate Elites and the New Fascism

By Rodney Atkinson


The Failure of the State

By Rodney Atkinson


Government Against the People

By Rodney Atkinson


Fascist Europe Rising

By Rodney Atkinson


Real Interest

By Rodney Atkinson


Treason at Maastricht

The Destruction of the Nation State

By Rodney Atkinson and Norris McWhirter


The Emancipated Society

State Authority and Individual Freedom

By Rodney Atkinson

The Nazis and Fascists who founded the EU

The Nazis and Fascists who founded the EU – and their influence today

Recording on cd of a speech at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament in February 2008 by Rodney Atkinson

The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher

The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher – The last interview with Sir Alfred Sherman

By Rodney Atkinson

your country your democracy

Your Country – Your Democracy

Your Country – Your Democracy – The Threat From The “European” Union

By Rodney Atkinson 1992

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