British Declaration of Independence

How the BDI Works

Candidates who sign The British Declaration of Independence commit to voting for a Bill in Parliament which re-asserts British Democratic Sovereignty – that is your power to make your own laws and dismiss your law makers. When the BDI becomes Law your Parliament will be unable to pass your sovereignty to any other authority, any sovereign powers which are in doubt will be confirmed and any democratic rights you have lost will be returned. Politicians of the Parliamentary parties, in particular Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative claim we have not lost our sovereignty and remain democratically independent – in which case they can have no objection to the BDI. If however they are wrong or if they have lied to the people then the BDI will get back our democratic independence. We need just over 50% of MPs to vote for The British Declaration of Independence Bill in Parliament. Candidates of the parties already represented in Parliament are invited to sign up to doing just that – before the General Election. Then you can decide whether to elect them or not. If they refuse you will feel free to vote for other parties not yet represented in Parliament but who do put the Sovereignty of the British people before all else. The British Declaration of Independence is like the democratic Oath which MPs swear to the Queen when they enter parliament. We believe they have broken that Oath without cost to themselves – because the Queen cannot sack them. But you as voters can sack them! Politicians must sign the British Declaration of Independence even before you elect them – so you can stop those who do not believe in British Democracy from getting into Parliament in the first place! The UK Independence Party may choose to stand or not stand against BDI candidates – that is up to them but if they did do so they would show that their personal ambitions are more important to them than the democratic independence of the British people.

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